Dale Earnhardt Jr. named NASCAR's most popular driver for 15th straight year

NASCAR fans named Dale Earnhardt Jr. their most popular driver for the 15th year in a row in his final season in the series. "It always comes back to the fans, it really does, and I've got to thank them for k

Mississippi State QB Nick Fitzgerald leaves rivalry game with gruesome injury

Mississippi State quarterback Nick Fitzgerald suffered a severe injury to his right leg in the first quarter of the Bulldogs' rivalry game against Ole Miss Thursday night. Fitzgerald's leg bent in an awkward p

Tony Stewart fan charged with stalking, threatening the NASCAR star and his family

A Florida woman was taken into custody Tuesday after being accused of stalking NASCAR star Tony Stewart and his family for more than a year.   Kathi Russell, 68, of Cape Coral, Fla., was charged with “st

South Carolina women's basketball team declines Trump's invite to White House

South Carolina women’s basketball team, the 2017 NCAA champions, declined President Trump’s invite to the White House Friday. The White House said 18 NCAA teams would attend the college sports championship

Sports radio hosts under fire for comments on Halladay death

Two Boston sports radio hosts are being criticized for comments during a Wednesday show about the death of former Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Roy Halladay.   “If I die helicopter skiing, you have the r

Roy Halladay's Untimely Death Reminds Us of the Sadness of Losing an Icon

By Mitch Goldich  November 08, 2017 This is a bad photo of Roy Halladay. But Roy Halladay was the kind of guy who made you want to take a bad photo, just to prove you had been in the same building as him.

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We're here to fix the machine.

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