Lawsuit alleges agency told grandfather he'd have to give up gun rights to foster his grandson

A lawsuit filed in federal court on Monday alleges the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) violated the gun rights of foster parents. Caseworkers from MDHHS and a county judge told William Johnson

Facebook rids easiest way to spread fake news

During the last US Presidential election campaign, Facebook was a hive of activity, and that included a lot of fake news being spread around. The social network faced criticism over that and is working to eliminate fake

Florida drug dealer calls 911 to report stolen cocaine

FORT WALTON BEACH, Fla. –  Calling 911 to report a stolen bag of cocaine probably wasn't the best idea for a self-described Florida drug dealer. But Okaloosa Sheriff's officials wrote on Facebook th

NJ doctor charged in drug ring wrote thousands of bogus opioid prescriptions

Newark, N.J. –  New Jersey authorities arrested an internist for allegedly writing fraudulent prescriptions for tens of thousands of painkillers and anxiety pills as part of a drug dealing ring, the state atto

WNBA team uses ticket sales to donate thousands to Planned Parenthood

A professional basketball team in Seattle stepped into the abortion debate this week when it pledged thousands of dollars to Planned Parenthood. The WNBA’s Seattle Storm recently became the first professional sp

FOX NEWS POLL: 74% want GOP to reach out to Democrats on health care

Republican lawmakers are well aware they need to fulfill their seven-years-and-counting promise to repeal the Affordable Care Act.  A clear reminder came in November, when more than eight in ten of those who vote

'HOT COP' CATCHES EYES Selfie floods police social post with saucy comments

A police force that posted a selfie of a new female recruit on their Facebook page was flooded with saucy comments about her. Surrey constabulary hoped to attract new recruits by uploading the photo of officer Claire

We lived and survived Hurricane Katrina but how fragile is our civil society?

How fragile is our civil society? Special guest writer and thinker Josie Jackson from and host Chris Pilie explain their frightening experience of Hurricane Katrina. Could something more massive topple our

Obamacare Failure

Democrats are acting smug because the GOP failed to replace THEIR failing law!

Is Healthcare Dead in America

The GOP promised us for years if we gave them the power they would rid us of the ACA, we did our part but are they going to do theirs? If not what is the GOP good for?

Why are Republicans at Each Other's Throats?

Republicans in Congress aren't the only ones that can't get along.

Behind Enemy Lines Radio - GOP's Rough Week

How did we get here? Wasn't it just a few weeks ago that the GOP was riding high on a wave of special election wins, increased consumer confidence, a more secure border and other Republican policy wins. Then, news this

Obamacare and the 'intellectuals' plan to overthrow GOD

Trumpcare fails in the Senate and who is to blame? Will this hurt Trump? We discuss this along with a deeper issue. We are in a spiritual and religious war. Are you armed and dressed for battle? We are steeping onto the

You're On Our List

This week the Belles discuss the sky-rocketing cost of college changing young minds from thinking that four year education is the only option for their future-- Tariq Nasheed has a new website to keep track of all those

Show Some Respect!

Dylan is Stevenless and has good friend of the show Watson Prunier from Battle4Freedom and they talk about the 16 fallen Marines, a jerk plays anti cop music during a police officers funeral and just for fun... Lena Dunh

The Real Collusion

The real collusion is not Trump/Russia. The REAL collusion is DNC/Clinton/Ukraine. PolitiDiva sorts fact from fiction.

Popcorn Get Your Hot Buttered Popcorn HERE!

So everyone is going nuts about politics and politicians but who is truly to blame?

#ThirdPartyProblems Part II-The Libertarian Party #HollowNet

Welcome to The HollowNet Podcast on The Lanterns Media Network! Here together we hold the line against the night, and defend the republic against tyranny, division, and persecution, standing for the Constitution and for

Jayden K Smith strikes fear

Michael discusses the Jayden K Smith phenomenon, baby Charlie Gard fights for the right to live, the Republican's failure to repeal Obamacare as promised and the dangers of North Korea and Iran.

Best of AOTR From CPAC 2017

Our show originally recorded Wednesday Night will air Friday Afternoon the guest had a bit too salty of language that will have to bed edited before it can air. So we hope you enjoy this flashback from CPAC 2017

Junior's "Russian Collusion"

On this episode, Traci Ann shows how Don Jr. is guilty of nothing more than being a political novice.

Democrats colluded with Russians to damage Trump

We discuss how the Democrats colluded with the Russians to destroy Donald Trump in the 2016 election. The information we reveal is STUNNING. Where is the damn media!?

Best of America off the Rails

A Replay of the show done around the recent shooting in DC

Behind Enemy Lines Radio - FAIR Part 2: U.S. Sen. John Boozman & More

Part 2 of the Biggest Show of the Year! Behind Enemy Lines Radio traveled to the Federation for American Immigration Reform's (FAIR) "Hold Their Feet to the Fire" event and are bringing you the BEST interviews from that

Are we engaged in an all-out GLOBAL POLITICAL WAR? #BattlefieldLIVE

We discuss how the political chips are moving around the global playing board and we are only being shown the chips. America is under attack by the Fascists and the Socialists. WILL WE SURVIVE?
FLASHBACK: Ukrainian efforts to sabotage Trump backfire

Donald Trump wasn’t the only presidential candidate whose campaign was boosted by officials of a former Soviet bloc country. Ukrainian government officials tried to help Hillary Clinton and undermine Trump by pu
A battle of liberal versus more liberal exposes a divided California Democratic Party at state convention

A blistering contest to lead the California Democratic Party and near-constant protests during its weekend convention provided proof that schisms between party factions at the national level are also pulling ap


Liberals like to insult us; Let's elevate our language.

De Blasio VS The Police

This is the maiden voyage of The Daily Diva and on this episode, Traci Ann pays homage to the fallen officers on the 1year anniversary of the Dallas shooting, while having some not so nice things to say about the Mayor o

It's My Party I can Lie if I want to

Division in America on so many scales for party lines to individual citizens. Politicians abusing power from New Jersey to Chicago Georgia State Trooper faulty field testing Voter fraud investigations being suppressed

Decisions, Decisions

The Boys dive into The little Kim That Could, the latest on N.Korea and how it may affect us in the US; #GardLife @fight4charlie (on Twitter) we talk about the latest news and implications this has on western society; &

We Need a Sanity Transplant

On the latest Belles of Liberty, the girls take on local schools using suspect practices to discipline disruptive children-- NHS is reporting the transgender community is now demanding womb transplants as part of their r

Independence Day, CNN Blackmail, Rabbi Lapin on boys not growing up, Charlie Gard and more.

Michael discusses The CNN "Blackmail" of a private citizen, the plight of Charlie Gard in the UK Medical system, the TSA and July 4th - Independence Day, how we got there and how do we keep it?

ICMB's CNN and Preference Oh My!

So the Mental Midget of the North is at it again. CNN has gone full on Gestapo and now Transgendereds say straight preference be damned

Has CNN Stepped in the Fake News Bucket on last time?

CNN has stepped in it. What is the future of the media? Has their incompetence and bias come to a head?

Behind Enemy Lines Radio - FAIR Part 1: Michelle Malkin, Sen. Mike Lee & More!

The biggest show of the year! Behind Enemy Lines Radio traveled to the Federation for American Immigration Reform's (FAIR) "Hold Their Feet to the Fire" event and are bringing you the BEST interviews from that event in t

Not about Equality

It never was about equality! It was always about control. No matter the issue; you can always see the hidden messages of control.

Berning it Down

This week the Belles discuss a heartbreaking update on baby Charlie Gard's fight for life against UK courts. Something's bernin' and it ain't a campfire; are Bernie Sanders and his wife Jane looking at some legal trouble

"Animal Crackers in My Alphabet Soup"

Google gets befuddled by the EU, Interviews with the newest voices to the Lanterns Radio Network, & PeTA gets boned. #callitreason, #heresthebeef, #notkosher, #notquitehalal, #sammich Please Like, Follow and Sha

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By Greg Norman O.J. Simpson is back in the public spotlight as he faces a Nevada parole board Thursday in a bid to be released from a 33-year sentence for armed robbery and assault with a weapon. The forme

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We're here to fix the machine.

We are here to fix the machine. The machine is the federal government that has been fundamentally transformed the serve the elite instead of "We The People". Our goal is to engage our fellow Americans on the battlefield of ideas to discover the most ideal way for our nation to be governed to provide the most security with the maximum amount of liberty and freedom for all American citizens. We welcome all people from all walks of life and ideologies to engage with us. Join us on the battlefield of ideas.

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