Convention of States: Last Chance for the Constitution?

Convention of the States and Restoration of the Constitution We have witnessed a stunning and unprecedented usurpation of powers by the Federal Government and its agencies and bureaus that would most likely not surviv

The Invisible Hand Versus Central Planning - Healthcare

In regard to the current “tweaks” to socialized healthcare the GOP is working on, I want to suggest that the mistake is in believing, in the first place, that the solution to the market problem of healthcare

Monumental Stupidity in New Orleans

Collapsing despotic political regimes presiding over catastrophically failing municipalities routinely use deflection and obfuscation as a way of confusing the natives. They also misdirect focus onto something other than

Syrian Chaos - Through the Looking Glass

If you are feeling bewildered and confused by all the conflicting versions and scenarios interwoven in the complexities of recent developments in the Syrian civil war, well, you are a reasonable person.  For thos

The Illuminati Ate My Homework

Over the last several decades, especially in the last 8 years since the beginning of the global banking crisis, the world has witnessed the acceleration and escalation of surreal events on an exhausting magnitu

Battlefield Live

We're here to fix the machine


We're here to fix the machine.

We are here to fix the machine. The machine is the federal government that has been fundamentally transformed the serve the elite instead of "We The People". Our goal is to engage our fellow Americans on the battlefield of ideas to discover the most ideal way for our nation to be governed to provide the most security with the maximum amount of liberty and freedom for all American citizens. We welcome all people from all walks of life and ideologies to engage with us. Join us on the battlefield of ideas.

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