This Day in History - January 14

January 14


1236 – Henry III marries Eleanor of Provence


1526 – Francis of France and Charles V sign the Treaty of Madrid, forcing Francis to give up the majority of his claims in France and Italy


1559 – Elizabeth I, “The Virgin Queen,” is crowned Queen of England


1639 – The first constitution in the American colonies, the “Fundamental Orders,” is adopted by representatives of Wethersfield, Windsor, and Hartford


1641 – 7,000 are killed when the United East Indian Company conquers Malacca


1730 – Signer of the Declaration of Independence, William Whipple, is born


1741 – American colonial General turned traitor, Benedict Arnold, is born


1797 – Napoleon Bonaparte defeats the Austrians at Rivoli


1784 – Continental Congress ratifies the Treaty of Paris, ending the Revolutionary War


1858 – An Italian assassin throws a bomb at the carriage of Emperor Napoleon and Empress Eugenie as they travel to the Paris Opera, but they are unharmed


1860 – Under disagreement, the US House of Representatives Committee of Thirty-Three submits a proposed constitutional amendment protecting slavery in all areas where it already existed


1864 – Confederate President Jefferson Davis writes to General Joseph Johnson, noting that troops might need to be sent to Alabama or Mississippi


1875 – French theologian Dr. Albert Schweitzer is born


1891 – General Nelson Miles, commander of the US Army troops in South Dakota, report that the Sioux Indians are returning to their reservation following the massacre at Wounded Knee


1898 – English author Lewis Carroll dies


1901 – English historian and Bishop, Mandell Creighton dies


1911 – The largest US battleship, the USS Arkansas is launched from the New York Shipbuilding Company


1915 – The French abandon five miles of trenches to the Germans near Soissons


1915 – South Africa sends troops to occupy Swakopmund, a German-occupied seaside town in Southwest Africa


1916 – British authorities seize German attaché Franz von Papen’s financial records confirming espionage activities in the US


1917 – A Provisional Parliament is established in Poland


1919 – American humorist, author and television personality, Andy Rooney, is born


1920 – Berlin goes into martial law as 40,000 radicals rush the Reichstag.  42 are killed and 105 injured


1920 – John Dodge, co-founder of the Dodge Brothers Company which will later become part of Chrysler, dies


1940 – Civil rights leader and Georgia state senator, Julian Bond, is born


1942 – President Franklin Roosevelt orders all German, Italian and Japanese aliens in the US to register with the government


1942 – The US and Great Britain agree to have the British Chiefs of Staff and the US Joint Chiefs work together to advise the leaders of both nations on military policy during the war


1943 – Italian occupation authorities refuse to deport Jews living in their territories in France


1943 – President Franklin Roosevelt and Prime Minister Winston Churchill meet in Casablanca, Morocco to discuss the next phase of the war


1943 – Franklin Roosevelt becomes the first president to travel on official business by airplane


1944 – Journalist Nina Totenberg is born


1947 – Author and historian Taylor Branch is born


1948 – Musician, songwriter, Grammy-winning producer T Bone Burnett is born


1950 – Indian religious leader Rambhadracharya is born


1952 – Author and Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Maureen Dowd is born


1953 – Tito formally becomes the first president of the Republic of Yugoslavia


1954 – Hollywood star Marilyn Monroe marries baseball star Joe DiMaggio


1957 – American actor Humphrey Bogart dies


1963 – George Wallace is inaugurated as the governor of Alabama  under the slogan of “segregation forever.”


1963 – American director, screenwriter, and producer Steven Soderbergh is born


1964 – Lieutenant General William Westmoreland is appointed deputy to General Paul Harkins, chief of US Military Assistance Command Vietnam


1967 – The Summer of Love is launched with the Human Be-In in San Francisco


1968 – Rapper and actor LL Cool J is born


1968 – Operation Niagara is launched to support the US Marine base in Khe Sanh


1969 – A blast caused by an accidental rocket detonation on the US carrier Enterprise in the Pacific results in 27 dead and over 300 injured and 15 planes were lost


1969 – American singer-songwriter, musician, and director Dave Grohl is born


1973 – The Miami Dolphins defeat the Washington Redskins in Super Bowl VII, becoming the first team in National Football League history to finish with an undefeated season


1977 – Prime Minister of the UK, Anthony Eden dies


1980 – The UN voted to “deplore” the Soviet aggression in Afghanistan


1980 – Gold, after being released from government control, reaches a new record price, exceeding $800 an ounce


1990 – The Simpsons premieres


2000 – UN tribunal sentences five Bosnian Croats to prison for up to 25 years after they were charged with killing at least 100 Muslims in a Bosnian village in 1993


2004 – The Republic of Georgia restores the “five cross flag” as its national flag after over 500 years of disuse


2005 – Huygens probe lands on Saturn’s moon Titan


2008 – The first elected Indian-American governor in the US, Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, takes office


2010 – Yemen declares war on al-Qaeda


2011 – Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, former president of Tunisia, flees to Saudi Arabia after a series of demonstrations against his regime


2016 – English actor Alan Rickman dies

Written by Crystal McCann

Crystal is the Chief Operating Officer of Lanterns Media Network and the owner of Madisons Media. She lives in Texas with her husband and dogs and is the proud mother of two adult children.

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