A Heavy Blow to Constitutional Conservatism-- Remembering Antonin Scalia

Today we remember Antonin Scalia, a great man, and a judicial stalwart, in the shadow of the confirmation process for his successor. Judge Neil Gorsuch is a textualist and originalist with regard to the Constitution, and it is fitting and right that he should fill the seat left vacant by the death of Antonin Scalia one year ago today. Justice Scalia was a lion for liberty and justice, and I pray Gorsuch will continue in his path, and honor his legacy. 

I was deeply saddened by the loss of Justice Antonin Scalia. The man was a stalwart constitutionalist. I can think of no higher praise. Some were surprised to find that his opinions fell on both sides of the political divide during his years on the Supreme Court. At a time when political ideology more often rules the Courts, and when the term ‘judicial activism’ is somewhat redundant, he stood on the side of intellectual honesty. There is nothing more we can ask of our jurists. Justice Scalia was deeply committed to preserving the integrity of our Constitution, and in so doing, served his country with distinction. History will look on him and his work with reverence.

The news of Antonin Scalia’s untimely death hit me pretty hard, first because I held this mere mortal in high esteem, but also because I fear it marks the end of an era. I felt it deeply within, much as I felt at the death of Ronald Reagan. Both men revered and despised, both standard bearers for Constitutional Conservancy, both irreplaceable, and both inextricably linked for posterity. Can true Conservatism survive this blow?

This question does not really get to the crux of the matter. The accurate phrasing is not ‘Can,' but ‘Will.' Do we have the personal and political will to pick up the torch after standing off to the side for so long, confident that a handful of men and women would stay the tide and keep liberal philosophy from overwhelming us? I will admit, I am beyond concerned at this point. The very things that made the US succeed and thrive, that which made us unique, hang in the balance; once lost, the American Experiment will be lost forever to history. Our country is in great peril. We live in dangerous times, physically yes, but more importantly, philosophically. The liberal and socialist push to the far left is not an accident, a point which is, and has been, denied, disregarded, and dismissed by the citizenry. The proponents of this philosophy have followed a very specific set of rules, slowly encroaching on the rights and practices of liberty and freedom, tiny step by tiny step, while many slept in blissful ignorance, oblivious to the deft, soft step of the enemy.

They’ve had assistance, some unknowingly and others deliberately. I’m unaccustomed to painting with a broad brush, so I will simply say that many are driven by emotion, that fickle mistress, and are sometimes referred to as “useful idiots.” Some are driven by a quest for power; the ends, in single-minded blindness, justify the means. Some are rotted through with hate, anger, and hypocrisy, to the detriment of all.   Some are true believers, for what logical reason, I cannot begin to explain.

I am still amazed that anyone with even a rudimentary knowledge of history could fall for the lie that is socialism. How is it that time after time, all over the world, people abandon reason for a fantastical idea of utopia? I’m continually disturbed by progressivism, and the erosion of common sense, logic, and reason. Are “”We the People” so far astray from the values and principles that guided the Founders that we are destined to fail, and to destroy that which made us who we are, the envy of the world?

We’re at a crossroads. It’s not new; we’ve been here many times in our short history. Each time, through design, happenstance, or divine intervention, we’ve been fortunate to hold it together, to renew the pride and the promise of this land. There is still time, but it is running short. Do not turn your back to the responsibility of freedom. Do not sleep. This is our time. This is our fight, our moment in history. I know I am not alone, but I am afraid we’ve lost the key to unlocking the minds that still sleep. The “silent majority” must speak in unison. Wake your children, your friends, your neighbors. Alert them to the danger. If they don’t respond favorably, move on. There is no time to lose on those who’ve already fallen away. Be vigilant and be strong. Speak plainly, speak truth. There is no time to tarry. There is no time to waste. Please stand my silent friends. There is mischief afoot!

Remember Justice Scalia and, in his honor, take up your sword. Face down your fears; drive the insidious plague of socialism far from our shores. Help me, us, to return to the blueprint left to us by the founders, those giants of liberty who paved the path in toil, who watered the Liberty Tree with their blood, who did not succumb to tyranny in their time of struggle. We must remember the Founders, recall Ronald Reagan, honor Justice Antonin Scalia with courage and strength, in this, our time of choosing.


Written by Julie Custer

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