The Rules of Law

No, the headline is not a typo!

It has been suggested by some that no further investigation should be done on Hillary Clinton. In fact, Donald Trump himself, after saying during the campaign she should be in jail, has said no further investigation would be forthcoming.

Where there is smoke, there has to be some fire. So why the change?

Glenn Beck says he asked Sen. Mike Lee (R) Utah why he did not think any further investigation should take place. According to Glenn, the Senator said most countries use their justice system against their political opponents. We rely on elections and a peaceful transfer of power. Some would say Hillary is being denied her lifelong dream is punishment enough.

I disagree.

First, we are supposed to have a justice system that is blind to the identity of the defendant. If the political elite are exempt, then we drive a stake through the heart of the Declaration of Independence’s statement that “All men are created equal” and we negate the 14th Amendment granting equal protection.

Second, when it is clear that this special treatment is an unwritten law, there is nothing to keep those in power on the “straight and narrow.” If we tell a child to stay out of the cookies, but every time they get in the cookies the parents ignore the fact or make excuses for the errant behavior, will the child feel any self-restraint or remorse regarding eating the cookies?

If our justice system could be used against political enemies, then we do not have a justice system at all, we have an injustice system. Director Comey clearly said that just because Mrs. Clinton got away with her actions, did not mean that others doing the same thing could expect to escape prosecution.

When the Justice Department picks winners and losers, Congress does not pursue a president or other bureaucrats, and when the states do not hold the federal government accountable and the people decide to let it all pass – the entire system will collapse.

If we do not hold ourselves, the press, our states and our federal leadership accountable – and if their oath of office is dependent on their personal feelings – then the whole thing is ripe for failure.

Photo Credit: “Golden Lady Justice, Bruges, Belgium,” © 2008 Emmanuel HuybrechtsFlickr | CC-BY

Written by Michael Murphy The Voice of Reason

The Voice of Reason

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