Lanterns at CPAC - Day One - Part Two

The audience came to its feet to welcome Ted Cruz and Mark Levin. Their time on stage was a discussion on the Constitution and constitutional issues. The first question by Levin was that so much the government does is not in the Constitution, and he asked what will change that? 

Ted Cruz has introduced a Constitutional Amendment to limit the terms of elected politicians, a self-draining of the swamp, so to speak. Washington corrupts people over time as they become entrenched, and this is for both parties. Term limits are something that a supermajority of the public wants across the political spectrum. 

Senator Cruz spoke on the recent rulings by the 9th and 4th Circuit Courts, and he said they were unquestionably lawless rulings. The 9th Circuit and the federal judge making the initial decision made no reference to the law, only feelings. 

The 4th Circuit just ruled that a weapon that could possibly be used in warfare is not covered by the 2nd Amendment. Cruz reminded us that the 2nd Amendment distinctly protected the military weapon of the day. In fact, Congress passed legislation requiring able-bodied citizens to own a musket. He said, “Since a rifle is not protected by the 2nd amendment, then a feather duster must be since it is something military would not use!”

Cruz stressed the importance of reining in the regulatory state. He said the creation of agencies and countless bureaucrats allows Congress to wipe their hands of regulatory red tape.  However, according to Article II, it is the President that has the executive authority. He called for this practice by Congress to stop, and applauded President Trump for making Jeff Sessions Attorney General, stating, “Attorney General Jeff Sessions, I like saying that and making Chuck Schumer twitch.” Cruz looks forward to Sessions actually enforcing the law, and a President Trump is reducing or eliminating many regulations including the Waters of the US.

Senator Cruz raised a bottle of water in a toast to Senator Harry Reid. He reminded us that because Reid went with the “nuclear option,” it will no longer require 60 votes to get nominations through the Senate. Thanks to Harry Reid, we have AG Jeff Sessions, Secretary DeVos, and EPA Administrator Pruitt - and soon to be Justice Gorsuch.

Levin mentioned how unhinged the Democrats have become. They are angry and in denial, living in an alternative universe. Many think Hillary lost because she was too moderate and many in the party want to see a move further left with the likes of Sanders and Warren. They are upset over the prospect of replacing Scalia with another conservative, and Cruz believes there will likely be another vacancy on the Supreme Court this summer. The Dems believe any liberal who might be replaced will be theirs to replace, and he expects them to melt down and go “bat crap crazy” if a second seat is filled by a conservative.

Cruz reported that a recent visit to the border found that illegal crossings in the Rio Grande sector are down 50% as per the Border Patrol. He believes it is a result of an administration that will enforce existing law, and a Congress who is less likely to offer amnesty to those here. He said conservatives are shocking and terrifying the mainstream media. He closed by calling for the repeal of Obamacare, the confirming of conservative justices, reforming the tax code (flat tax), and defunding the UN until they change their policy on Israel.

Next, Dana Loesch spoke on her favorite subject, the 2nd Amendment. She has recently been named an official spokesperson for the NRA, and she spoke on the importance of the NRA in the fight for 2nd Amendment protected rights. She talked of the votes of “blue dog” Democrats as a major part of the swing to a Trump victory. “They vote for guns, freedom and jobs, not pronouns and bathrooms.” The left promotes victimhood as virtuous. She closed with, “I (women) had the right to bear arms before I had the right to vote, and I’ll be damned if I let you take that from me!”

Up next was a panel discussing the notion of “free stuff” vs. "free-dom." Due to the lack of or poor education on the dangers and truth of socialism, many millennials see socialism as a good, or at least a viable option. One of the panelists was born in the former USSR, and his mother was a surgeon. He said in the USSR hospitals and medical care were free. The only problem was that there was no medicine or hospital rooms, only wards. Surgeons had to reuse everything, including gloves. But hey, it was free.

One of the last major talks of the morning was a discussion of when WWIII began? Panelists were Sheriff David Clarke (who received a resounding reception), Clare Lopez, Trevor Loudon, and Maureen Ohlhausen. The theme was threats at home, brought largely by illegal immigration and sanctuary cities. Sheriff Clarke read the federal statute that lists the harboring of illegals and what that entails, along with the jail time that goes with the crime. He suggested that if the Attorney General filed charges on one mayor or governor, the problem would stop.

Trevor Louden said in his mind, WWIII began 1400 years ago with Islam and the eventual alliance of the Bolsheviks. Trevor frequently talks of the US being the beacon of freedom for the world-- the lynchpin for world freedom. He has written a book and has a movie out, “The Enemy Within” which details how allies on the left are all communists and have infiltrated the fabric of our republic.


Written by Michael Murphy The Voice of Reason

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