Give a Fella a Chance

Aircraft accidents are bad news, always. It does not matter whether it is a small single engine plane or a large air transport jet.  When things go wrong, terribly wrong, lives are lost, property destroyed, and countless lives are changed forever.

As a pilot who has flown just about every sort of plane from small single place to four-engine 747s, I’m sure it hits me differently than most folks. I wonder if I knew the crew or pilot, any of the passengers, and of course, the causes?

This article is not about airplanes or accidents, but about jumping to conclusions. Before I get to my “point,” I want the reader to think of things in a different way.

Typically, small airplane crashes do not make the “big” news unless the pilot or a passenger is famous. John Kennedy Jr., Payne Stewart, and Thurman Munson come to mind. It seems we almost expect third world airliners to fall out of the sky, but certainly, western airlines capture our attention when one goes down. And what is the first thing the media says?

“It’s too early to speculate on what caused this disaster, but...” And then for the next several days, every expert in every aspect of aviation is called in. And guess what? They speculate! In most cases, it is weeks or months before all the facts are gathered. In some cases, like the Malaysian flight, the truth may never be known. The Air France flight over the Atlantic was years before they recovered the “black boxes” and learned the truth.

In the end, it is the evidence that is the determining factor in what happened, not the speculation of some “expert.”

What about predictions? Do we see experts brought out to predict the next accident? Do we have the media interviewing pilots and industry leaders asking them which flight will be the next to go down? Do people “read into” the airline’s ads to determine what they are really up to and how it will tie into the next catastrophe?

No, we wait. We hope for the best, but in the end, we have to deal with what we have, not what we want.

Now, we have arrived at the subject of this article, Donald J Trump.

During the campaign, everything is fair to question. People’s life choices and decisions certainly give you a window into how they might govern and the choices they may make.

The campaign is over.

The election is over.

Donald J Trump is the president-elect.

The Democrats and Nevertrump did not steal the election via the electoral college, nor will they by throwing a fit on Inauguration Day.

Donald J Trump will be our 45th president.

While all of his past is there for us to see and guess about his choices and decisions, might I suggest it is too early to speculate, or too late as the case may be?

As we watch him nominate people for his cabinet, the final picture is being sketched out. It will not be fully painted and ready for viewing until he is in office and actually governing. We will not know what sort of president he will be until he has actually been the president.

I am at a loss as to why people continue to attack the man as if they can change the outcome of the election. Your political party affiliation does not matter, whether you supported Hillary or Bernie, Trump will be your president, as well. If you were (or are) a nevertrumper, he is still going to be your president. Is the republic better served by fighting his very existence or by watching him and then holding him accountable?

As the story of the little boy who cried wolf, people’s constant bemoaning of the election only serves to help people tune you out and not take you seriously.

We constantly make a grave mistake in putting all our eggs into the presidential basket. After all, isn’t that much easier on us? We cast our vote; we get up every morning and go to work; we save for our retirement; we raised our kids to be good people, and we pay our taxes. When Lincoln spoke of a “...government of the people, by the people and for the people…” Of the three propositions, of, by and for, two of them require action on our part. When Ben Franklin told Mrs. Powell, “A republic, if you can keep it-”  to keep something requires action.

One person alone cannot destroy our republic.  One person alone cannot save the Republic. We have become lazy, and that will be the death of our Republic more so than any president. We think we can sit in our chair or at a table, using our phones, tablets, and computers on social media and make a difference. We deceive ourselves if we believe such a thing.

We must act. We must get out of our comfort zone. We must become educated. We must become engaged.

When an air carrier accident investigation or a postoperative review is complete, a determination is made by a review board as to the cause of the accident or death. It cannot be completed before the fact. We are where we are, regardless of how you may feel.  Donald Trump will be a good president or he won’t, those are the options. You cannot be just a little bit pregnant-  you are, or you are not. Once a determination is made, then and only then are steps taken to prevent future accidents, and they must be taken.

If he is a good president, we must stand behind him and support his efforts. If he is not, then we must stand against him and support the Constitution and the Republic. In the meantime, we need to give a fella a chance.


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Written by Michael Murphy The Voice of Reason

The Voice of Reason

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