This Day in History - July 23

July 23

1627 – Sir George Calvert arrives in Newfoundland to develop his land grant

1637 – King Charles of England hands over the American colony of Massachusetts to Sir Ferdinando Gorges, one of the founders of the Council of New England

1664 – Wealthy, non-church members in Massachusetts are given the right to vote

1793 – The French garrison at Mainz, Germany, falls to the Prussians

1793 – Connecticut Patriot and member of the Committee of Five selected to draft the Declaration of Independence, Roger Sherman, dies

1803 – Irish patriots throughout the country rebel against the Union with Great Britain

1829 – William Burt patents his “typographer,” an early typewriter

1834 – Founder of Catholic University, James Gibbons, is born

1849 – German rebels in Baden capitulate to the Prussians

1862 – General Henry Halleck assumes the role of general-in-chief of all Union forces in an effort to better coordinate the suffering Union war effort

1863 – Bill Anderson and his Confederate Bushwhackers gut the railway station at Renick, Missouri

1865 – William Booth founds the Salvation Army

1868 – The 14th Amendment is ratified, granting citizenship to African Americans

1878 – Black Bart robs a Wells Fargo stagecoach in California and left a taunting poem behind for police

1885 – Ulysses Grant dies of throat cancer

1886 – British aviator, Arthur Whitten Brown, is born

1888 – Detective writer, Raymond Chandler, is born

1891 – Emperor of Ethiopia, Haile Selassie, is born

1894 – Japanese troops take over the Korean imperial palace

1903 – The Ford Motor Company sells the Model A, its first automobile

1906 – Author and zoologist, Marston Bates, is born

1914 – Baron Giesl von Gieslingen, ambassador of the Austro-Hungarian Empire to Serbia, delivers an ultimatum to the Serbian foreign ministry.  Three days later Austria-Hungary will declare war on Serbia, beginning WWI

1918 – Della Sorenson kills the first of her seven victims in Nebraska by poisoning her sister-in-law’s infant daughter, Viola Cooper.  She will be committed after doctors conclude that she was schizophrenic

1920 – One of Montana’s first cattle barons, Conrad Kohrs, dies

1939 – Journalist and author, Nicholas Gage, is born

1940 – Novelist and essayist, John Nichols, is born

1944 – Novelist, Lisa Alther, is born

1944 – Soviet troops take Lublin, Poland as the German army retreats

1951 – General Henri-Philippe Petain, French national hero of WWI who was convicted of collaboration with the German occupiers of his country during WWII and was sentenced to life in prison, dies

1952 – The Society of Free Officers seizes control of the government in a military coup staged by Colonel Gamal Abdal Nasser’s Free Officers in Egypt

1957 – Dutch director, Theo van Gogh, is born

1962 – The Geneva Conference in Laos forbids the US to invade eastern Laos

1967 – The Detroit Riots begin, which are among the most destructive and violent riots in US history, killing 43, injuring 342, burning almost 1,400 buildings and forcing 7,000 National Guard and US Army troops into service

1973 – Medal of Honor recipient and American pilot, Eddie Rickenbacker, dies

1976 – Hungarian chess player, Judit Polgar, is born

1976 – Members of the American Legion arrive in Philadelphia to celebrate the bicentennial of US independence, but later many will begin suffering from a mysterious form of pneumonia, which will kill 22 and will become known as Legionnaires’ disease

1980  - Actress, singer, songwriter, and producer, Michelle Williams, is born

1982 – Vic Morrow and two child actors, Renee Shinn Chen and Myca Dinh Le, are killed in an accident involving a helicopter during filming on set for the Twilight Zone: The Movie

1989 – English actor, Daniel Radcliffe, is born

1984 – Vanessa Williams gives up her Miss America title, the first resignation in the pageant’s history after Penthouse magazine announces plans to publish nude photos of her

1995 – Two astronomers, Alan Hale in New Mexico and Thomas Bopp in Arizona, almost simultaneously discover a comet

1996 – The US women’s gymnastics team wins its first-ever team gold medal at the Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia

2011 – English singer and songwriter, Amy Winehouse, dies

2013 – Virgin Island boxer, Emile Griffith, dies

Written by Crystal McCann

Crystal is the Chief Operating Officer of Lanterns Media Network and the owner of Madisons Media. She lives in Texas with her husband and dogs and is the proud mother of two adult children.

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