This Day in History - July 8

July 8

1099 – Christian Crusaders march around Jerusalem as Muslims watch from within the city

1608 – The first French settlement at Quebec is established by Samuel de Champlain

1621 – Poet and author, Jean de La Fontaine, is born

1663 – The British crown grants Rhode Island a charter guaranteeing freedom of worship

1686 – The Austrians take Budapest from the Turks and annex Hungary

1695 – Dutch mathematician, astronomer, and physicist, Christiaan Huygens, dies

1709 – Peter the Great defeats Charles XII at Poltava, in the Ukraine, effectively ending the Swedish Empire

1755 – Britain breaks off diplomatic relations with France as their disputes in the New World intensify

1758 – The British attack on Fort Carillon at Ticonderoga, New York, is foiled by the French

1776 – The Liberty Bell in Pennsylvania tolls to announce the Declaration of Independence

1794 – French troops capture Brussels, Belgium

1815 – With Napoleon defeated, Louis XVIII returns to Paris

1822 – 29-year-old poet Percy Bysshe Shelley drowns while sailing in Italy

1836 – British politician, Joseph Chamberlain, is born

1838 – German designer and manufacturer of airships, Ferdinand von Zeppelin, is born

1839 – Financier, philanthropist, and businessman, John D. Rockefeller, is born

1853 – Commodore Matthew Calbraith Perry sails into Tokyo Bay, Japan, representing the US government

1859 – The truce at Villafranca Austria cedes Lombardy to France

1863 – Demoralized by the surrender of Vicksburg, Confederates in Port Hudson, Louisiana, surrender to Union forces

1864 – Confederate General Joseph Johnston retreats into Atlanta to prevent being flanked by Union General William Sherman

1865 – Four of the conspirators in President Abraham Lincoln’s assassination are hanged in Washington, DC

1869 – Poet and playwright, William Vaughn Moody, is born

1879 – The first ship to use electric lights departs from San Francisco

1891 – Future President, Warren Harding, marries Florence Mabel King DeWolfe in Ohio

1898 – A disgruntled city engineer in Skagway, Alaska, murders “Soapy” Smith, one of the most notorious con men in the history of the Old West

1905 – The mutinous crew of the battleship, Potemkin, surrenders to Romanian authorities

1906 – Architect, Philip Johnson, is born

1907 – American businessman and politician, George Romney, is born

1908 – US Vice President to Gerald Ford, Nelson Rockefeller, is born

1918 – Ernest Hemingway is wounded in Italy while working as an ambulance driver for the American Red Cross

1928 – Vernon Booher shot his mother and brother and two hired workers on the family farm in Mannville, Alberta, Canada.  A psychic was brought in after an interrogation failed to crack Vernon, who was known to harbor ill feelings towards his mother.  The psychic sketched a scene including the murder weapon, a rifle, hidden in some bushes, which led police straight to it.  Vernon then confessed

1941 – 20 B-17’s fly in their first mission with the Royal Air Force over Wilhelmshaven, Germany

1941 – Ted Williams hits a three-run home run to lead the American League to a 7-5 victory in the All-Star Game at Briggs Stadium in Detroit

1943 – American B-24 bombers strike Japanese-held Wake Island for the first time

1943 – Women’s rights advocate, Faye Wattleton, is born

1949 – Celebrity chef, Wolfgang Puck, is born

1950 – General Douglas MacArthur is appointed head of the UN Command by President Harry Truman

1951 – Paris celebrates its 2,000th birthday

1953 – Novelist, Anna Quindlen, is born

1954 – Colonel Castillo Armas is elected president over the junta that overthrew the administration of Guatemalan President Jacobo Arbenz Guzman

1959 – The first Americans, Major Dale Ruis, and Master Sergeant Chester Ovnand, are killed in South Vietnam

1960 – The Soviet Union charges American pilot Francis Gary Powers with espionage

1965 – Ambassador, Maxwell Taylor, resigns from his post in Vietnam

1967 – English actress, Vivien Leigh, dies

1973 – English cricket player, Wilfred Rhodes, dies

1994 – Kim II Sung, the communist dictator of North Korea, dies

1997 – Torrential rains in the Carpathian Mountains causes flooding in the Czech Republic, Poland, and Germany killing 104

2004 – Suzuki Motor Corp and Consumers Union agree to a settlement to end an eight-year lawsuit involving the rolling over of the Samurai sport utility vehicle

2011 – 40th First Lady of the US, Betty Ford, dies

Written by Crystal McCann

Crystal is the Chief Operating Officer of Lanterns Media Network and the owner of Madisons Media. She lives in Texas with her husband and dogs and is the proud mother of two adult children.

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