This Day in History - November 5

November 5

1219 – The Crusaders seize the port of Damietta

1556 – Emperor Akbar defeats the Hindus at Panipat and secures control of the Mogul Empire

1605 – Guy Fawkes is betrayed and arrested in an attempt to blow up the British Parliament in the “Gunpowder Plot,” a conspiracy by the English Catholic to annihilate England’s Protestant government and replace it with Catholic leadership, leaving England with a new holiday to celebrate known as Guy Fawkes Day

1653 – The French and the Iroquois League sign a peace treaty vowing to not wage war with any tribes under French protection

1757 – The French at Rossbach are defeated by Frederick II of Prussia during the Seven Years War

1768 – William Johnson, the northern Indian Commissioner signs a treaty with the Iroquois Indians to acquire a significant patch of land between the Tennessee and Ohio rivers for future settlement

1775 – Continental Army commander in chief General George Washington condemns his troops’ planned celebration of the British anti-Catholic holiday, Guy Fawkes Night, as he was working to sway French-Canadian Catholics over to the Patriot cause

1814 – The American army blows up Fort Erie

1840 – Afghanistan surrenders to the British army

1854 – The Russians are defeated at Inkerman, Crimea by the British and French

1855 – American Socialist leader and first president of the American Railway Union, Eugene V. Debs is born

1862 – President Abraham Lincoln relieves General George McClellan of command of the Union armies and names Major General Ambrose Burnside commander of the Army of the Potomac

1862 – Over 300 Santee Sioux are found guilty of raping and murdering Anglo settlers and are sentenced to hang. A month later, President Abraham Lincoln commuted all but 39 of the death sentences. One of the Indians was granted a last-minute reprieve, but the other 38 were hanged simultaneously on December 26 in a strange mass execution

1872 – Susan B. Anthony gets arrested for trying to vote

1879 – Scottish physicist, James Clerk Maxwell, dies

1885 – Historian and author, Will Durant, is born

1893 – Columns by the 20-year-old Willa Cather begin appearing in the Nebraska State Journal

1911 – Calbraith P. Rodgers ends first transcontinental flight

1912 – Woodrow Wilson is elected as the 28th president of the US

1913 – British actress, Vivien Leigh, is born

1914 – Men from Indian Expeditionary Force B evacuate the seaside town of Tanga in German East Africa after failing in their boat invasion of the region on behalf of the British navy in World War I

1914 – France and Great Britain declare war on Turkey

1917 – General John Pershing leads American troops into the first American action against German forces

1918 – Cardiologist, George Sheehan, is born

1930 – Sinclair Lewis becomes the first American to win the Nobel Prize in Literature

1931 – American singer, songwriter, producer, and guitarist, Ike Turner, is born

1935 – The game “Monopoly” is launched by Parker Brothers

1940 – President Franklin Roosevelt is re-elected for a third term

1942 – American singer, Art Garfunkel, is born

1943 – American playwright and actor, Sam Shepard, is born

1945 – First USMC general appointed to serve as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Peter Pace, is born

1946 – Singer, songwriter, and guitarist, Gram Parsons, is born

1947 – Singer, songwriter, and musician, Peter Noone, is born

1948 – Nobel Prize-winning Physicist, William Daniel Phillips, is born

1948 – American politician, Bob Barr, is born

1956 – American pianist, Art Tatum, dies

1959 – Canadian singer, songwriter, guitarist, actor, and producer, Bryan Adams, is born

1960 – English actress, Tilda Swinton, is born

1963 – Actress and youngest person ever to win a competitive Academy Award for her performance at age 10, Tatum O’Neal, is born

1968 – Richard Nixon is elected as the 37th president of the US

1968 – Shirley Chisholm of Brooklyn, New York becomes the first black woman to serve in the House of Representatives

1970 – U.S. Military Assistance Command Vietnam reports the lowest weekly death toll in five years-24 deaths

1973 – Illustrator, Peter Emmerich, is born

1977 – 31-year-old future President George W. Bush marries 33-year-old Laura Welch at the First United Methodist Church in her hometown of Midland, Texas

1979 – American cartoonist Al Capp dies

1982 – English historian and theorist, EH Carr, dies

1987 – Musician and actor, Kevin Jonas II, is born

1990 – Meir Kahane, an American-born rabbi and founder of the far-right Kach movement, is shot dead in New York City

1991 – Tropical Storm Thelma causes severe and massive floods in the Philippines, killing nearly 3,000 people

1994 – George Foreman at age 45, defeats 26-year old Michael Moorer in the 10th round of their WBA fight in Las Vegas, making Foreman the oldest heavyweight champion in boxing history

1995 – Andre Dallaire’s attempt to assassinate Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien is foiled when the minister’s wife locks the door

2003 – The Green River Killer, Gary Ridgway, pleads guilty to 48 counts of murder

2006 – Former president of Iraq Saddam Hussein, along with Barzan Ibrahim al-Tikriti and Awad Hamed al-Bandar, is sentenced to death for the massacre of 148 Shi’a Muslims in 1982

2007 – Change 1, China’s first lunar satellite, begins its orbit of the moon

2007 – Members of the Writers Guild of America, East, and Writers Guild of America, West, which are labor organizations representing television, film and radio writers, go on strike in Los Angeles and New York after negotiations fail with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP), a trade group that represents TV and film producers in the United States, including CBS, NBC Universal, Walt Disney Company, Paramount Pictures, News Corp., Sony Pictures Entertainment, MGM and Warner Brothers

2009 – US Army Major, Nidal Malik Hasan, kills 13 and wounds 29 at Fort Hood, Texas, in the deadliest mass shooting at a US military base

2010 – Mexican drug lord and co-leader, Antonio Cardenas-Guillen, dies

Written by Crystal McCann

Crystal is the Chief Operating Officer of Lanterns Media Network and the owner of Madisons Media. She lives in Texas with her husband and dogs and is the proud mother of two adult children.

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