This Day in History - November 24

November 24

1265 – Manx King Magnus Olafsson dies

1542 – The English defeat the Scots at the Battle of Solway Moss in England

1572 – Scottish clergyman, John Knox dies

1632 – Dutch philosopher, Baruch Spinoza is born

1784 – General during the Mexican War and 12th President of the US, Zachary Taylor

1807 – Mohawk Chief Thayendanegea, aka Joseph Brant, dies

1826 – Creator of Pinocchio, Carlo Collodi is born

1849 – Author, Frances Hodgson Burnett is born

1859 – Architect, Cass Gilbert is born

1859 – The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection is published by Charles Darwin

1863 – Union Major General Joseph Hooker’s forces capture Lookout Mountain in Tennessee during the Battle Above the Clouds

1864 – French post-impressionist painter, Henri Toulouse-Lautrec is born

1864 – Kit Carson and his 1st Cavalry attack a camp of Kiowa Indians in the First Battle of Adobe Walls

1867 – American pianist and composer, Scott Joplin is born

1868 – Composer Scott Joplin is born

1874 – Barbed wire is patented by Joseph Glidden

1886 – Editor and founder of The Little Review, Margaret Anderson is born

1888 – Author Dale Carnegie is born

1902 – The first Congress of Professional Photographers convenes in Paris

1912 – Writer and director, Garson Kanin is born

1912 – Austria denounces Serbian gains in the Balkans; Russia and France back Serbia while Italy and Germany back Austria

1918 – The Yugoslav National Council addresses Crown Prince Alexander, son of ailing King Peter and de facto ruler of Serbia, about its concerns regarding Italian claims on South Slavic territory during World War I

1920 – Romanian author and poet, Alexandru Macedonski dies

1922 – Irish author and member of the Irish Republican Army, Robert Erskine Childers, is shot to death by an Irish Free State firing squad after being convicted of carrying a revolver

1925 – Journalist and founder of National Review, William F. Buckley, Jr. is born

1927 – 1,200 inmates at Folsom Prison revolt

1932 – The FBI Crime Lab officially opens in Washington, D.C.

1938 – Mexico seizes land adjacent to Texas

1939 – The Gestapo executes 120 students who are accused of anti-Nazi plot, in Czechoslovakia

1943 – A Japanese submarine near Tarawa sinks the USS Liscome Bay by means of torpedo, killing 650 men during Operation Galvanic

1944 – American B-29s bomb Tokyo

1946 – Serial killer who confessed to 30 murders, Ted Bundy is born

1947 – The US House of Representatives votes to approve citations of contempt against the ‘Hollywood 10,’ a group of directors, writers and producers, who refused to answer questions regarding whether or not they had been members of the Communist Party

1948 – Author, Spider Robinson is born

1949 – Woman who secretly recorded Monica Lewinsky’s confidential phone calls during Lewinsky’s affair with then-President Bill Clinton, Linda Tripp is born

1949 – The Iron and Steel Act nationalizes the steel industry in Britain

1950 – UN troops begin an assault into North Korea, hoping to end the Korean War by Christmas

1960 – Philadelphia Warrior Wilt Chamberlain sets an NBA record for the most rebounds in a single game with 55

1961 – The UN adopts bans on nuclear arms

1961 – Indian author and activist, Arundhati Roy is born

1963 – Jack Ruby shoots and kills the accused assassin of President John Kennedy, Lee Harvey Oswald, in the garage of the Dallas Police Department

1963 – Two days after the assassination of John F. Kennedy, President Lyndon B. Johnson confirms the U.S. intention to continue military and economic support to South Vietnam

1965 – US casualty rate hits a new high with 240 killed and 470 wounded during the Vietnam War

1971 – A hijacker going by the name of D.B. Cooper parachutes from a Northwest Orient Airlines 727 into a thunderstorm over Washington State, carrying $200,000 in ransom money. Earlier, he had ordered the crew into the cockpit and demanded the plane fly at a low altitude where he jumped, wearing only a thin suit, sunglasses and a raincoat, into a thunderstorm with winds of over 100 mph and temperatures well below zero. No trace of him was found during a search, although in 1980, an eight-year-old boy found a stack of $5,880 of the ransom money on the beach along the Columbia River, five miles from Vancouver, Washington

1973 – Ghostwriter of Black Elk Speaks, John Neihardt, dies

1977 – Greece announces the discovery of the tomb of King Philip II, father of Alexander the Great

1978 – American actress and producer, Katherine Heigl is born

1979 – The US admits that thousands of troops in Vietnam were exposed to the toxic chemical Agent Orange

1991 – Tanzanian and English singer, songwriter and producer Freddie Mercury dies

1992 – US Congress passes the Brady Bill, which requires a 5-day waiting period for the sale of handguns

1995 – Ireland votes to end its 70-year ban on divorce

1999 – A ferry sinks in the Yellow Sea off the coast of China, killing hundreds of people

2012 – A fire at a clothing factory in Dhaka, Bangladesh kills over 110 people


Written by Crystal McCann

Crystal is the Chief Operating Officer of Lanterns Media Network and the owner of Madisons Media. She lives in Texas with her husband and dogs and is the proud mother of two adult children.

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