The Peaceful Transfer of Power

Peaceful or not, what does the “transfer of power” mean to you? As a strict constitutionalist, I do not see the president as a powerful person. We tend to forget that we don’t have a king, or perhaps, psychologically, we have an inner desire for a king. In light of the Enumerated Powers of our Constitution, the president just isn't that powerful.

However, until we can return to that original intent, we are forced to weather the storm every four years. I would point out that in 2008 and 2012, there were plenty of people upset with the outcome and yet I recall no fire bombed cars, riots and such. Yes, people did use some inappropriate means to voice their displeasure such as burning Obama in effigy. However, that is a far cry for the destruction of property and other violence we saw yesterday unleashed by some on the “tolerant left”.  Nothing says “I hate Trump” more than breaking a window in Starbucks.

We have a new president, like it or not. We do not change our leadership using civil war or military coup. We probably do need to relearn the essentials of a republic versus a democracy, but that is for another day. Amid all the pomp and circumstance, the reins were handed off to a new driver. There has been plenty of rhetoric on both sides, but the “proof will be in the pudding”, so to speak. In the long run, Donald Trump will be defined by his actions, not his words. As for now, his words will have to do.

What road will he take?

Early in the speech, Mr Trump spoke of the transfer of power, from Washington DC to the people. That is exactly as it should be. Now what that might mean to him, and what it means to me, might not be the same.  We shall see. If it means simply that the “squeaky wheel gets the grease”, then we had better be sure the Constitution squeaks the loudest!

He spoke of factories closing and jobs leaving. While that resonates with many people, it is actually not entirely true. In the past thirty (30) years, US manufacturing output has doubled. Technology has made it possible for more to be produced with fewer people, so some jobs have been displaced, but not at a loss of production. Companies need to be able to compete and make products where it makes the most economic sense, not where and how the government dictates.

Trump talked of mothers and children trapped in poverty, however he did not identify that government and good intentions laid the trap. He spoke of the wealth of the middle class being redistributed around the world. Yes, that is a serious issue, but much is taken and redistributed right here at home. I hope this is addressed as well. Taxation is theft-the government should at least be respectful and responsible with what it takes.

President Trump spoke of controlling our borders which is a very good thing. National security is one of the few defined powers government actually has. The open border issue has been a drain on every state, both financially and with security.

He talked about protecting the American worker. He has spoken in the past of tariffs to control trade. Tariffs have never worked historically and in fact, were instrumental in a cause of the Civil War and the Great Depression. We can’t operate a nation without care to avoid historical mistakes. In the end, ALL tariffs, taxes, fees and penalties are paid by us, the consumer.

He spoke of building and improving our infrastructure. While that resonates with many, where will the money come from...his proposed nearly $1 trillion stimulus? We need leadership that tells us what we don’t want to hear. With almost $20 trillion in debt, additional spending digs the hole deeper.  It does not lift us out of the hole.

While I have never lived in Missouri, I have become very skeptical of politicians...'Show me.' People will say that Trump is not a politician. Face it, one does not make great strides in business without being very political.  At any rate, the argument of Trump not being a career politician ended yesterday.  Today, he is just that.

Believe me, I am SO glad Hillary is not our president. I want President Trump to do well, constitutionally speaking. I want the nation to do well, and the answer is more liberty. The campaign is over, and it's time for the rubber to meet the road. Show me, don’t tell me. As for We the People, we should remain hopeful, respectful and practice the trust – but verify philosophy. I am prepared to be his biggest champion or his loudest critic. I hope each of you feels the same way. May God bless our efforts.

Written by Michael Murphy The Voice of Reason

The Voice of Reason

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