This Day in History - April 16

April 16

1457 BC – Egyptian forces of Thutmose III defeat King of Kadesh’s Canaanite coalition at the Battle of Megiddo. This is also the first battle recorded with a reliable account

69 – Otho commits suicide after being defeated by Vitellius’ troops at Bedriacum

556 – Pelagius I begins his reign as Catholic Pope

1065 – The Norman Robert Guiscard takes Bari, ending five centuries of Byzantine rule in southern Italy

1660 – Founder of the British Museum, physician Hans Sloane is born

1705 – Queen Anne of England knights Isaac Newton

1728 – Scottish chemist and physicist Joseph Black is born

1738- Commander in chief of British forces charged with suppressing the rebellion in North America, Henry Clinton is born

1746 – Prince Charles is defeated at the Battle of Culloden by the Duke of Cumberland, ending the Jacobite uprising in England

1786 – Arctic explorer Sir John Franklin is born

1789 – Newly elected President George Washington leaves his Mount Vernon, Virginia home and heads for New York to be sworn in as the first American president

1800 – Commander of the Light Brigade during the famous charge, George Charles Bingham is born

1818 – The US Senate ratifies the Rush-Bagot amendment to form an unarmed US-Canada border

1828 – Spanish painter Francisco Goya dies

1844 – French writer Anatole France is born

1850 – British metallurgist and inventor Thomas Sidney is born

1850 – Sculptor who founded Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, Marie Tussaud dies

1854 – San Salvador is destroyed by an earthquake

1859 – French historian and scientist Alexis de Tocqueville dies

1862 – Confederate President Jefferson Davis approves a conscript act for white males between 18 and 35

1862 – Slavery is abolished in the District of Columbia

1863 – Union Admiral David Dixon Porter leads 12 ships past the heavy barrage of Confederate artillery at Vicksburg, Mississippi, only losing one ship and forcing General Grant’s hand

1864 – Black soprano-baritone singer Flora Batson is born

1867 – Designer, builder, and flyer of the first airplane, Wilbur Wright is born

1871 – Dramatist and poet John Millington Synge is born

1879 – French mystic and Saint Bernadette Soubirous dies

1881 – Legendary western lawman and gunfighter Bat Masterson fights the last gun battle of his life on the streets of Dodge City, taking the train out by evening and heading to spend the remainder of his life in New York City as a sheriff, saloon operator, and newspaperman

1889 – Film actor and director Charlie Chaplin is born

1896 – Poet and critic Tristan Tzara is born

1897 – Frederick William Winterbotham, one of Britain’s top code breakers who will play a huge role in the World War II Ultra code-breaking project, is born

1900 – The US Post Office issues the first book of postage stamps

1912 – Harriet Quimby became the first woman to fly across the English Channel

1917 – Vladimir Lenin returns to Russia from exile to start the Bolshevik Revolution

1918 – Actor, author, screenwriter and singer Spike Milligan is born

1919 – Dancer and choreographer Merce Cunningham is born

1922 – Author Kingsley Amis is born

1922 – Annie Oakley shoots 100 clay targets in a row, setting a woman’s record

1924 – Composer and conductor Henry Mancini is born

1927 – Pope Benedict XVI is born

1939 – Singer and producer Dusty Springfield is born

1940 – The Cleveland Indians’ Bob Feller pitches his first no-hitter

1942 – The Island of Malta is awarded the George Cross in recognition for heroism under constant German air attack

1943 – Albert Hoffman accidentally consumes LSD-25, a synthetic drug he had created as part of research into the medicinal value of lysergic acid compounds. He experienced the hallucinogenic effects

1945 – The destroyer USS Laffey survives horrific damage from attacks by 22 Japanese aircraft off Okinawa, earning the nickname “The Ship That Would Not Die.”

1945 – American troops enter Nuremberg, Germany

1946 – Auto racer and brother of Chevrolet auto namesake Louis, Arthur Chevrolet commits suicide in Louisiana

1947 – A lens which provides zoom effects is demonstrated in New York City

1947 – An explosion occurs during the loading of fertilizer onto the freighter Grandcamp at a pier in Texas City, Texas, killing almost 600 and injuring thousands as the ship blew into bits. 574 people died when a nearby chemical storage facility also exploded after being pummeled with the flaming debris from the ship. Another ship was forced out of the water by the blast, a cargo ship was pushed completely across the harbor, and a nearby residential area was leveled with all 500 homes destroyed. The 1.5-ton anchor of the Grandcamp was found two miles away

1947 – Professional basketball player Lew Alcindor aka Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is born

1947 – Financier Bernard Baruch coins the term “Cold War” to describe relations between the US and the Soviet Union

1948 – Organization for European Economic Cooperation forms in Paris

1958 – Scientist Rosalind Franklin dies

1964 – The Rolling Stones release their debut album, “The Rolling Stones”

1968 – The Pentagon announces the “Vietnamization” of the war

1968 – President Johnson arrives in Honolulu to discuss recent Allied and enemy troop deployments with US leaders

1972 – Two giant pandas arrive in the US as a gift to President Nixon from China

1972 – Apollo 16 is successfully launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida, departing for the Moon

1972 – The US resumes bombing of Hanoi and Haiphong after a four-year lull

1999 – Hockey star Wayne Gretzky announces his retirement

2003 – Ten new member states are admitted to the European Union

2007 – In one of the deadliest shootings in US history, 32 students and teachers are killed on the campus of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, by student Seung-Hui Cho, who then commits suicide

2012 – The right-wing extremist Anders Behring Breivik begins in Oslo for the killing of 77 people, mostly teenagers, with a car bomb at a youth camp on Utoya Island. He will receive 21 years in prison as doubts about his mental health emerge

Written by Crystal McCann

Crystal is the Chief Operating Officer of Lanterns Media Network and the owner of Madisons Media. She lives in Texas with her husband and dogs and is the proud mother of two adult children.

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