House Votes to Repeal Obamacare - Not Really - More, Much More

The headline on Politico: House takes major step toward Obamacare repeal.

New York Times: House Clears Path for Repeal of Health Law.

Washington Post, CNN, Reuters and USA Today all have similar headlines. Progressives are fainting in the streets and conservatives are dancing.

Both sides need to stop reading headlines and looking at the facts.

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Nine Republicans voted against the bill. What??? Nine Republicans voted against the repeal of Obamacare??? Well, not exactly.

According to Justin Amash R (MI), it has been mislabeled, whether intentionally or ignorantly, as the bill to repeal Obamacare.

Amash sent out a series of tweets:

1/ Confused about what the House voted on today? You're not alone. I hope you'll find this explanation (in the following tweets) helpful.

2/ There's been a lot of lazy (or lousy) reporting and intentional misrepresentation from partisans on both sides.

3/ Today, we voted on the most massive budget in U.S. history. It's been misleadingly described as an "Obamacare repeal vote."

4/ It's actually a budget resolution that proposes adding more than $9 TRILLION to the debt over the next decade.

5/ Does that extra debt come from repealing Obamacare? No. The budget doesn't even mention Obamacare and doesn't repeal it.

6/ Budget includes "reconciliation instructions" to allow Congress to bring a LATER bill to repeal part of Obamacare with a simple majority.

7/ But these instructions can be included in ANY budget. It's not necessary to pass this particular budget, a.k.a. Worst. Budget. Ever.

8/ Partisans in both parties like to describe the vote as an "Obamacare repeal vote" (rather than a budget vote) for obvious reasons.

9/ Republicans don't want their voters to know that they voted for the most massive budget ever.

I continue to encourage my readers to read deep into the facts, do not just believe what you hear or see in headlines. My Facebook feed has been full of responses to the repeal of Obamacare and NOT ONE SINGLE MENTION of this nearly $1 trillion a year in deficit spending.

I am not here to tell you what will happen, however, historically I understand the risks and know what to expect. Will Donald Trump drain the swamp or will he start another? Personally, I’ll fall back on what Ronald Reagan told Mikhail Gorbachev, “Trust, but verify.”


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Written by Michael Murphy The Voice of Reason

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