This Day in History - June 26

June 26

363 – Roman Emperor, Julian, dies, ending the Pagan Revival

1096 – Peter the Hermit’s Crusaders force their way across Sava, Hungary

1243 – The Seljuk Turkish army in Asia Minor is wiped out by the Mongols

1541 – Former followers murder Francisco Pizarro, the Spanish Conqueror of Peru

1742 – Signer of the Declaration of Independence, Arthur Middleton, is born

1784 – Delaware Patriot, Caesar Rodney, dies

1794 – The French defeat an Austrian army at the Battle of Fleurus

1804 – The Lewis and Clark Expedition reaches the mouth of the Kansas River after completing a westward trek of nearly 400 river miles

1807 – Lightning hits a gunpowder factory in the small European country of Luxembourg, killing over 300, making it the deadliest lightning strike in history

1810 – French co-inventor of the hot air balloon, Joseph-Michel Montgolfier dies

1819 – Civil War General, Abner Doubleday, is born

1830 – George IV of the UK dies

1844 – Julia Gardiner and President John Tyler are married in New York City

1856 – German philosopher, Max Stirner, dies

1862 – General Robert Lee attacks General McClellan’s line at Mechanicsville during the Seven Days’ campaign

1863 – Jubal Early and his Confederate forces move into Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

1876 – Major Marcus Rena takes command of the surviving soldiers of the 7th Cavalry, following Lieutenant Colonel George Custer’s death the prior day in the Battle of the Little Big Horn

1892 – American novelist, Pearl Buck, is born

1893 – Blues singer and guitarist, William “Big Bill” Broonzy, is born

1898 – German engineer, Wilhelm Emil Messerschmitt, is born

1900 – The US announces it will send troops to fight against the Boxer Rebellion in China

1902 – American engineer and industrialist, William P. Lear, is born

1904 – Film actor, Peter Lorre, is born

1907 – Russia’s nobility demands drastic measures be taken against revolutionaries

1908 – Shah Muhammad Ali’s forces squelch the reform elements of Parliament in Persia

1908 – Chilean physician and politician, Salvador Allende, is born

1909 – Elvis Presley’s manager, Tom Parker, is born

1911 – Gold Medal-winning Olympic athlete, Mildred “Babe” Didrikson is born

1914 – British writer, Laurie Lee, is born

1915 – American children’s writer, Charlotte Zolotow, is born

1916 – Russian General Aleksei Brusilov renews his offensive against the Germans

1917 – General Pershing arrives in France with the American Expeditionary Force

1918 – The Germans begin firing their huge 420 mm howitzer, “Big Bertha,” at Paris

1924 – After eight years of occupation, the Americans leave the Dominican Republic

1926 – A memorial to the first US troops in France is unveiled at St. Nazaire

1931 – British author, Colin Henry Wilson, is born

1940 – Turkey announces neutrality in WWII

1942 – The Gunman F6F Hellcat fighter flies for the first time

1942 – Brazilian singer, songwriter, guitarist, and politician, Gilberto Gil, is born

1945 – The UN Charter is designed by 50 nations in San Francisco, California

1948 – In the Berlin Airlift, the US and British pilots begin delivering food and supplies to Berlin

1951 – The Soviet Union proposes a cease-fire in the Korean War

1956 – Congress approves the Federal Highway Act-the largest public construction project in US history to that date

1957 – Margaret Harold is shot and killed while on a drive with her boyfriend near Annapolis, Maryland.  Her killer swerved in front of their car, approached with a gun and shot Harold on the side of the face.  Several other women and their children were killed, much in the same manner-  Mildred Jackson, was also raped.  Police found bodies outside of an abandoned building and inside, they found pornographic pictures all over.  Melvin Rees was charged and convicted of the murders and he was sentenced to death.  His sentence was commuted to life in 1972 and he died in prison in 1995

1957 – German writer, Alfred Doblin, dies

1959 – The St. Lawrence Seaway is officially opened, creating a navigational channel from the Atlantic Ocean to all the Great Lakes

1961 – A Kuwaiti vote opposes Iraq’s annexation plans

1961 – American cyclist, Greg LeMond, is born

1963 – President John Kennedy announces “Ich bin ein Berliner” at the Berlin Wall

1965 – General William Westmoreland is given formal authority to commit American troops to battle

1971 – The US Justice Department issues a warrant for Daniel Ellsberg, accusing him of giving away the Pentagon Papers

1972 – The shift of fighter-bomber squadrons from Da Nang to bases in Thailand is completed

1975 – Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi is convicted of election fraud

1975 – Spanish priest and saint, Josemaria Escriva, dies

1975 – Singers Sonny and Cher Bono’s divorce becomes final

1980 – American football player, Michael Vick, is born

1993 – Roy Campanella, legendary catcher for the Negro Leagues and the Los Angeles Dodgers, dies

1993 – In retaliation for an Iraqi pilot plot to assassinate former US President George Bush during his April visit to Kuwait, President Bill Clinton orders US warships to fire 23 Tomahawk cruise missiles, each costing more than a million dollars, at Iraqi intelligence headquarters in downtown Baghdad.  The building was destroyed

2003 – Strom Thurmond, former US Senator who served for a record 46 years, dies

2012 – Filmmaker, Nora Ephron, dies

Written by Crystal McCann

Crystal is the Chief Operating Officer of Lanterns Media Network and the owner of Madisons Media. She lives in Texas with her husband and dogs and is the proud mother of two adult children.

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