Amazon Video finally comes to Apple TV

by Fox News

Ever since its first iteration, one of the Apple TV’s major weaknesses has been its lack of an Amazon Video app. Apple listened to customer complaints, and promised way back in September that the service would make its way to the premium streaming box in question. As of today, Apple TV (2015)and Apple TV 4K can access Amazon Video at long last. All you have to do is install the app.


Amazon announced the app’s availability today (Dec. 6), and laid out all the salient points. Apple TV owners can find Amazon Video in the App Store, and download it for free. From there, you can either watch programs through a Prime subscription ($100 per year for all Prime benefits, or $9 per month for Video only), and buy or rent individual shows and movies à la carte (prices vary).

The app does not have any Apple-specific features, but it does leverage the device’s Siri search. Users will be able to find content on Amazon Video simply by speaking or typing their queries into the Apple TV’s robust search feature. This includes 4K TV and movies, for those who are using an Apple TV 4K — a helpful feature, as Amazon Video is one of the few streaming apps to offer 4K HDR content at no additional charge.

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Beyond that, the app will be immediately familiar if you’ve used it on any other streaming or mobile device recently. Even if you don’t subscribe to Prime, Amazon Video might still be worth a look, as it offers the first episodes of Amazon Original TV shows for free, for all users.

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Apple and Amazon seem to have buried the hatchet, at least for the time being. We’ll see if Amazon and Google can take a similar approach.

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