This Day in History - August 10

August 10

955 – Otto defeats the Magyars at the Battle of Lechfeld in Germany

1582 – Russia and Poland end a 25-year war

1628 – Swedish warship Vasa sinks in Stockholm harbor

1753 – Governor of Virginia and first US attorney general, Edmund Jennings Randolph is born

1776 – London learns of American Independence in the American Revolution

1779 – Louis XVI of France frees the last of the serfs on royal land

1793 – The Louvre Museum opens in Paris, France

1821 – Missouri enters the union as the 24th state

1831 – William Driver of Salem, Mass names the flag on his ship, the Charles Daggett, “Old Glory,” hence coining the name of the American flag

1846 – The Smithsonian Institution is established in Washington

1861 – Rebels defeat Union forces at the Battle of Wilson’s Creek in the Civil War

1864 – Union William Sherman’s supply lines are cut off north of Atlanta by Confederate Commander John Bell Hood

1874 – The 31st president of the US, Herbert Hoover, is born

1877 – Amanda McFarland begins Alaskan mission in the Old West

1896 – German pilot and engineer Otto Lilienthal dies

1909 – The inventor of the first mass-produced electric guitar, Leo Fender, is born

1911 – Veto power is relinquished by the House of Lords in Great Britain, allowing the House of Commons to become the powerhouse

1913 – Treaty of Bucharest ends the second Balkan War

1921 – Franklin D Roosevelt was stricken with polio

1928 – Singer Eddie Fisher is born

1928 – Actor, singer, and TV host, Jimmy Dean, is born

1932 – German and American acting dog, Rin Tin Tin, dies

1933 – The man to revolutionize Formula One racing by the designing of Cosworth DFV (Double Four Valve), English mechanical engineer, Keith Duckworth, is born

1937 – Electro String Corp patents the first electric guitar

1944 – US forces seize Guam from Japan in World War II

1945 – Japan accepts terms of unconditional surrender to the Potsdam Conference as President S Truman orders a halt to atomic bombing in World War II

1945 – American inventor and physician, Robert H. Goddard, dies

1948 – Grammy-winning singer and actress, Patti Austin, is born

1948 – Candid Camera debuted

1949 – National Military Establishment renames to the Department of Defense by President Harry S Truman signing National Security Bill

1950 – The National Guard is activated to fight in the Korean War by President Harry S. Truman

1952 – Film and TV actor, Daniel Hugh Kelly, is born

1954 – English jockey Sir Gordon Richards retires. Richards held the world record of 4,870 wins and was the first jockey ever to be knighted

1960 – The first object to ever be recovered from orbit in space is launched, the Discoverer 13 satellite

1960 – Spanish actor, Antonio Banderas, is born

1970 – Lead singer of The Doors, Jim Morrison, is tried and convicted in Miami for lewd and lascivious behavior

1971 – Irish soccer player, Roy Keane, is born

1972 – North Vietnamese forces attempt to cut off Saigon in Vietnam War

1973 – American tennis player, Lisa Raymond, is born

1977 – US and Panama sign Panama Canal Zone accord thus giving Panama control of the canal after 1999

1977 – David Berkowitz, a 24-year old postal employee charged with being the “Son of Sam” serial killer is arrested

1978 – Fatal Ford Pinto crash in Indiana

1980 – English wrestler, Wade Barrett, is born

1980 – Third President of Pakistan, Yahya Khan, dies

1981 – The severed head of six-year-old Adam Walsh was found in a canal in Vera Beach, FL. Walsh was kidnapped from a shopping mall two weeks earlier. Congress passed the Missing Children’s Act due to this case, and Walsh’s father, John, became the national spokesman against crime and hosted America’s Most Wanted

1981 – Pete Rose sets National League hit record

1993 – Three ships collide in Tampa Bay, FL, spilling 336,000 gallons of fuel oil. The cleanup efforts of this spill mark the first use of computerized trajectory model to track an oil spill

1993 – Ruth Bader Ginsburg was sworn in as the second female US Supreme Court Justice

1997 – After 156 years of British rule, British troops abandon Hong Kong, returning it to China

2003 – A European heat wave causes temperatures in the UK to top 100 degrees for the first time in history

2008 – American actor, singer, songwriter, pianist, and producer, Isaac Hayes, dies

Written by Crystal McCann

Crystal is the Chief Operating Officer of Lanterns Media Network and the owner of Madisons Media. She lives in Texas with her husband and dogs and is the proud mother of two adult children.

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