This Day in History - August 15

August 15

1057 – King Macbeth of Scotland is killed by Malcolm Canmore at the Battle of Lumphanan

1118 – Byzantine Emperor, Alexios I Komnenos, dies

1261 – Michael VIII of Nicea takes control of Constantinople

1385 – John Castile is defeated by John of Portugal at the Battle of Aljubarrota

1598 – The British are defeated at the Battle of Yellow Ford by Hugh O’Neill, the Earl of Tyrone and his Irish army

1760 – The Austrians are defeated at the Battle of Liegnitz by Frederick II

1769 – Military leader and Emperor of France, Napoleon Bonaparte, is born

1771 – Novelist who wrote Ivanhoe and Rob Roy, Sir Walter Scott, is born

1780 – “Swamp Fox” routs Loyalists while Gates’ men eat half-baked bread and fall ill, contributing to their loss that and the following day during the American Revolution

1812 – The Potawatomi Indians kill William Wells and according to witnesses, cut out his heart and divide it amongst themselves in the Old West

1859 – The namesake of Chicago’s Comiskey Park, Charles Albert Comiskey, is born

1861 – The Department of Kentucky gets new commander, Union General Robert Anderson during the Civil War

1864 – Six Federal ships are captured by the Confederate Tallahassee off of New England

1872 – The first ballot voting takes place in England

1887 – Author of Showboat, Edna Ferber, is born

1888 – T.E. Lawrence, aka Lawrence of Arabia, is born

1899 – Henry Ford leaves Edison to start automobile company

1907 – Austrian violinist, Joseph Joachim, dies

1911 – Proctor & Gamble introduces Crisco vegetable shortening

1912 – Famous chef and television personality, Julia Child, is born

1914 – The Panama Canal opens

1914 – Japan tells Germany that they must remove all German ships from Japanese and Chinese waters and surrender control of Tsingtao by noon on August 23 during World War I

1924 – English screenwriter and playwright who wrote A Man for all Seasons, Robert Bolt, is born

1930 – President Herbert Hoover gives a press conference where he announces his intent on aiding those affected by devastating droughts and the major stock market crash known as the “Great Depression”

1935 – American comedian, Will Rogers, and aviation pioneer, Wiley Post, die in an airplane accident

1935 – Actor, Will Rogers, dies

1938 – US Supreme Court Justice, Stephen Breyer, is born

1939 – The Wizard of Oz premieres in Hollywood

1942 – A Japanese submarine I-25 leaves Japan headed for the West Coast of the US. It contains a floatplane which will be later be used to bomb US forests

1944 – Operation Dragoon sees American, British, and French forces land on the southern coast of France

1945 – Gasoline and fuel oil rationing ends in the US

1945 – Japanese Emperor, Hirohito, broadcasts the news of Japan’s surrender to his people during World War II

1946 – Songwriter, Jimmy Webb, is born

1947 – Britain officially grants independence to Pakistan and India

1948 – South Korea becomes the Republic of Korea

1950 – Two US divisions take a beating by the North Korean Army in the Battle of the Bowling Alley in South Korea

1954 – Swedish writer, Stieg Larsson, is born

1961 – US Republican political strategist and White House counsel to President George W Bush, Ed Gillespie, is born

1964 – Wife of Bill Gates and co-founder of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Melinda French Gates, is born

1964 – Soviet Premier, Nikita Khrushchev, announces that he is ready to begin disarmament talks with the West

1965 – Television writer, Rob Thomas, is born

1968 – Heavy fighting erupts around the DMZ as US troops are engaged by North Vietnamese during the Vietnam War

1969 – Woodstock begins in Bethel, New York and it sees over 400,000 guests

1970 – South Vietnamese report that regional forces killed some 308 Communist troops along the DMZ during the Vietnam War

1971 – North Vietnamese capture the South Vietnamese marine base at Ba Ho during the Vietnam War

1971 – In an attempt to halt rapid inflation, US President Richard Nixon orders a 90-day freeze on wages and prices

1975 – 1st President of Bangladesh, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, dies

1979 – Francis Ford Coppola’s, Apocalypse Now, debuts

1983 – The Texas Gulf Coast is hit by Hurricane Alicia leading to 21 deaths, thousands of injuries and billions in damages

1986 – The US Senate approves economic sanctions against South Africa in protest of their apartheid policies

1994 – US Social Security Administration becomes an independent government agency, leaving the Department of Health and Human Services

1998 – A car bomb in Omagh, Northern Ireland kills 29 people in the deadliest act of violence in more than 30 years

2001 – The first solar system outside of our own is discovered. Two planets were found orbiting a star in the Big Dipper

2006 – Mary Winkler, pastor’s wife who confessed to shooting and killing her husband Matthew in his sleep, is released from jail

2007 – An 8.0 magnitude earthquake kills over 500 and injures over 1,000 in Peru

2011 – Canadian ice hockey player, Rick Rypien, dies


Written by Crystal McCann

Crystal is the Chief Operating Officer of Lanterns Media Network and the owner of Madisons Media. She lives in Texas with her husband and dogs and is the proud mother of two adult children.

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