This Day in History - August 25

August 25

325 – The Council of Nicaea, the first ecumenical debate held by the Christian church, concludes with the establishment of the doctrine of the Holy Trinity. Convened by Roman Emperor Constantine I in May, the council also deemed the Arian belief of Christ as inferior to God as heretical, which resolves a church crisis

357 – The Alamanni are defeated at Strasbourg in Gaul by Julian Caesar

1227 – Mongolian emperor Genghis Khan dies

1346 – Edward III of England defeats Philip VI’s army at the Battle of Crecy in France

1530 – Russian Tsar Ivan the Terrible is born

1718 – New Orleans is founded by French settlers and named after the Duke of Orleans

1758 – At the Battle of Zorndorf, the Prussian army defeats the Russians

1765 – Massachusetts’ governor Thomas Hutchison sees his home ransacked and burned by American colonists in protest over the stamp tax

1776 – Political philosopher David Hume dies

1825 – Uruguay declares its independence from Brazil

1830 – The “Tom Thumb” steam locomotive runs its race with a horse-drawn car, losing to the horse because the steam engine breaks down

1835 – The first series of six articles announcing that there is indeed life on the moon appears in the New York Sun newspaper. The articles were written as satire, but the reading audience didn’t realize it and they were transfixed by the stories. On September 16, the Sun admitted the articles had been a hoax, but sales of the paper didn’t decline as most found it amusing

1862 – During the Second Bull Run Campaign, Union and Confederate troops fight at Waterloo Bridge

1864 – During the Civil War, Confederate General A.P. Hill pushes back Union General Winfield Scott Hancock from Reams Station where his army has spent several days destroying railroad tracks

1867 – English scientist Michael Faraday dies

1875 – “Captain” Matthew Webb finishes his swim across the English Channel, becoming the first man to do so

1896 – During the Old West, outlaw thief and jail escapee Bill Doolin is killed by a posse at Lawson, Oklahoma

1900 – German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche dies

1913 – Cartoonist Walt Kelly is born

1914 – During World War I, The Germans begin a 5-day massacre, burning and looting the Belgian village of Louvain and executing hundreds of civilians

1916 – The National Park Service is established

1918 – Conductor, composer and pianist Leonard Bernstein is born

1919 – Governor of Alabama and presidential candidate George C. Wallace is born

1921 – Irish novelist Brian Moore is born

1921 – The US signs a peace treaty with Germany

1925 – A. Phillip Randolph organizes the Sleeping Car Porters’ Union

1927 – First black woman to play at the US Open and Wimbledon, Althea Gibson is born

1930 – Actor Sean Connery is born

1933 – Jazz saxophonist and composer, Wayne Shorter is born

1938 – Author Frederick Forsyth is born

1939 – The Wizard of Oz makes its debut

1940 – The first parachute wedding ceremony is performed by Reverend Homer Tomlinson at the New York City World’s Fair, for Arno Rudolphi and Ann Hayward

1941 – A route is opened for the Soviet Union when British and Soviet forces enter Iran

1943 – The Allies complete the occupation of New Georgia

1944 – General Jacques LeClerc leads his Free French Forces to liberate Paris from German occupation

1945 – John Birch, an American missionary to China is killed by Chinese communists days after the surrender of Japan during World War II, for an unknown reason, thus becoming the first casualty of the Cold War

1948 – The House Un-American Activities Committee holds first-ever televised congressional hearing

1949 – English novelist Martin Amis is born

1949 – Actor John Savage is born

1949 – Singer, songwriter Gene Simmons is born

1950 – The US Army is ordered to seize control of the nation’s railroads to avert strike by President Harry Truman

1954 – Grammy Award-winning singer, songwriter, Elvis Costello is born

1958 – Director, producer, screenwriter Tim Burton is born

1962 – Eva Boyd gets her first and only hit, as “The Loco-Motion” rises to #1 on the charts

1964 – Actor, director Blair Underwood is born

1967 – Defense Secretary McNamara admits that the US bombing campaign in the Vietnam War has little effect on North Vietnam’s “war-making capability”

1968 – Chef, author, TV host Rachel Ray is born

1971 – During the Vietnam War, US 173rd Airborne Brigade, one of the first ground units sent to Vietnam, ceases combat operations and prepares to be redeployed to the US as part of Nixon’s troop withdrawal plan

1979 – The storm that will become Hurricane David forms near Cape Verde off the African coast in the Atlantic Ocean. It will go on to ravage the island of Dominica and the Dominican Republic, killing 1,500 people

1980 – Zimbabwe joins the UN

1981 – Voyager 2 spacecraft makes its closest approach to Saturn

1984 – Author Truman Capote dies

1985 – Samantha Smith, the 13-year old “ambassador” to the Soviet Union, who had garnered national attention for befriended the country through a letter she wrote to a top military leader about nuclear war possibilities with the US,, and later through her visit to the Soviet Union (they invited her) died in a plane crash along with her father. The Russian government issued a stamp in her honor and named a mountain after her

1985 – New York Mets pitcher Dwight Gooden becomes the youngest 20-game winner in MLB history at 20

1987 – Actress, model Blake Lively is born

1989 – Scientists receive gorgeous photographs of Neptune and its moons from Voyager 2

1989 – Mayumi Moriyama becomes Japan’s first female cabinet secretary

1991 – Airbus A340 makes its first flight

1991 – Michael Schumacher makes his first Formula One debut in the Belgian Grand Prix at Spa-Francorchamps

1991 – Belarus gains independence from USSR

1991 – Battle of Vukovar begins as an 87-day siege begins of a Croatian city by the Yugoslav People’s Army with the support of various Serbian paramilitary forces

2001 – Actress and singer Aaliyah dies in a plane crash in the Bahamas

2003 – NASA launched the infrared Spitzer Space Telescope

2009 – Ted Kennedy dies

2012 – Myanmar sees severe flooding (Myanmar experiences damage from earthquake today in 2016)

2012 – American astronaut and the first person to walk on the Moon, Neil Armstrong, dies after complications from coronary artery bypass surgery


Written by Crystal McCann

Crystal is the Chief Operating Officer of Lanterns Media Network and the owner of Madisons Media. She lives in Texas with her husband and dogs and is the proud mother of two adult children.

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