Everyone Loves A Tyrant - As Long As It's THEIR Tyrant

This has been a saying of mine for a number of years.

It stems simply from observing people and how they react to certain leaders. While social media has exacerbated this problem, it has been around as long as there have been humans.

If we look back at the Israelites of the Bible when they demanded a king, God through Samuel warned them what a king would be like and what he would do to them. They had neighboring nations to see, yet they had their minds made up and would not be dissuaded by facts.

My earliest recollection of presidential politics was the JFK v Nixon election. Bring that to the recent Clinton v Trump election and there was little difference, except that the influence of social media makes things more visible and instant.

Now, if you are still reading this, I expect to have some people mad at me.  I can not be critical of Donald Trump without being labeled a “NeverTrumper.” and if I give him kudos, then I am excoriated for being a “Trump Apologist.”  I call it the way I see it; my allegiance is to the Constitution and the Republic, not a party or a person. My point with this article is to try and get people to open their eyes using reality and facts, not feelings.

I believe our leaders are a reflection of who we are as a people and society. Barack Obama and Donald Trump have distinctly different styles and demeanors, yet both are clearly narcissists. I was one of the ones ridiculing Obama for his constant use of first-person pronouns. Did you realize Donald Trump does it even more?  Perhaps if you were an Obama supporter, you see it in Trump but not in Obama?

Research was recently done that compared Obama and Trump to other presidents and each other. It used an analysis program called Diction to compare words and phrases used by presidents. Speeches had to be at least 500 words long, so tweets were not included.

Looking at self-referential rhetoric, Obama used it 69% more than the average post war president. Donald Trump uses it 20% more than Obama.  

Tenacious Rhetoric was another comparison. Obama exceeded the average by 45% and Trump is slightly above that.

Our republic was founded on principles of self-reliance, personal responsibility, and virtues.  I wrote an article on this last February.  Sparring on Facebook, blocking, unfriending, slinging insults and rants all feeds the decline into the abyss.  

It won't change until WE change.

“Every nation gets the government it deserves”. -Joseph de Maistre


Written by Michael Murphy The Voice of Reason

The Voice of Reason

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We're here to fix the machine.

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